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Clough and Warren Organ

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  • Clough and Warren Organ

    Sorry this was posted in the wrong forum before...

    I have a line on an 1890's Clough and Warren dual manual reed organ with full pedal board and some type of swell arrangement. IT's all self contained and has an inscription that reads:

    Clough and Warren Company
    Auxiliary Practice Organ

    The owner says he's sure it's all reed - and has victorian stenciled pipe facade. He says there is no blower unit - and this is not a pump organ.

    He's asking 1500.

    Any idea on the sound quality of these instruments? Are they good practice organs? I have a digial midi organ - was thinking of something more real though too...


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    Re: Clough and Warren Organ

    There's not a blower unit, and you don't pump the air, well, how does it make noise then? ;)

    If you're into sound quality, you're going to get a better sound quality with a digital midi organ. Unless of course you enjoy rich French music with plenty of loud reeds. After all, EVERYTHING on a reed organ sounds... well... reedy. That's my biggest problem with them. Hah, but what else should I expect?

    If you're comparing the sound quality of that to a similar reed organ, I really can't help you. If it was a better known brand, like Estey, I could probably help you out. I've played my share of those, and Esteys would work fine as practice instruments.

    Basically anything that has a pedal board would work as a practice instrument. Now, the nicer it is, the better luck you'll have with actually practicing on it.

    Just make sure you can find a way to get air to it (find a used blower, etc)

    Also, you may ask if you can actually play it. Often times (more often than not actually), these old reed organs, even if they have been restored, usually don't work completely. Like I've mentioned MY reed organ, and only about half of it works. My church also has a reed organ in a chapel, and that was restored a few years back, but not very much still works on that either.

    Best of luck!


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      Re: Clough and Warren Organ

      Unless you're collecting it as an antuqiue, forget it!!! Not worth the price of gas to pick it up, even with pedal board.