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Virgil Fox's Residence Organ

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  • Virgil Fox's Residence Organ

    Ok, I put this in the wrong section the last time, so I'll try again once more here.

    I've seen pictures of the console of this beast, but does anyone have any pictures of the pipework of VF's organ in NJ?

    It was suggested that I contact some of the people that knew VF, so that's my next plan.

    Any pictures, or the stoplist?

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    Re: Virgil Fox's Residence Organ

    go to:

    you can hear the organ on the free master class downloads....the ones in his home.

    You might also try writing them for the info/pix you seek.

    On one of the master classes he demos some of the stops. It seems to me
    that part of this organ was a Skinner, and that part was used in the
    Garden Grove Church Organ, along with the Lincoln Center Aeolian Skinner, and
    Garden Grove's original Ruffati (sp?)....Virgil did not live to see the inaguration
    of this instrument.

    I read Virgil Fox (The Dish) book, but don't remember if it published his house
    organ stop list, or if there were pix other than the console.

    Some of the folks who attended those master classes are still alive.

    It might take some sleuthing.

    Incidently, I personally found the recorded masterclasses to be very inspiring.

    You haven't lived until you hear Virgil Fox go through the Messiah (it is the season,



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      Re: Virgil Fox's Residence Organ

      er...the "Garden Grove" church I refer to is called "Crystal Cathedral" seen on
      TV...or live...whatever...was perhaps originally called the Garden Grove Community
      Church....Rev. Robert Schuller's congregation in Garden Grove California...



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        Re: Virgil Fox's Residence Organ

        please disregard what I said about it being a's a post from groups
        that should tell better. I do recall though that Virgil had purchased a Skinner...or
        rather saved one and supposedly it went into the Crystal Cathedral organ, but
        evidently it was not his house organ...see below:
        The organ in his home in Englewood, NJ, was built by Keats of =
        >It was hooked up to the wonderful carved 5-manual console Virgil owned,
        >which Joe Whitford and Aeolian-Skinner refitted with new keyboards, etc. =
        >Virgil sold the house, that organ was sold to a black church in Miami, =
        >not the console. Virgil kept the console. Virgil later sold the console
        when he
        >moved to Palm Beach.


        according to the Legacy site...

        John Wilson--was the curator of the organ in Virgil Fox's Englewood, New Jersey home...


        Why not write to the folks and see what they say...

        mailto:[email protected]

        again, sorry about the confusion w/Skinner and the Englewood
        memory ain't what it used to wuz



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          Re: Virgil Fox's Residence Organ

          Wow I'm just listening to the first one on the site and loving it! Is there a way to download these?


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            Re: Virgil Fox's Residence Organ

            Hi there.... I actually live in the city where Keates is located. In talking with Dieter before christmas (the installer) he informed me the installation totalled 59 ranks. If you would like any further info on the organ I would be happy to ask him personally.


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              Re: Virgil Fox's Residence Organ

              Does anyone know if it's possible to "save" the master classes onto your computer, so that you can listen to them on an mp3 player?

              Best regards,



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                Re: Virgil Fox's Residence Organ


                I would really like to see a picture of this setup. If the person you mentioned had some sort of photo, that would be perfect.


                It is possible to do that, but it's long, hard and complicated. It'd be easier to just put the page in your favorites and get back to it when you want. :)

                The way to do that would be to go to the HTML source of the main page, and look for the exact URL of that window that pops up. Then, type that into a web brower and get the HTML source for that. Then, figure out what the address is for the file of the sound. QuickTime doesn't have a save feature, so you'll need to use a Http file downloader for that.

                E-mail if you want more detailed instructions. drpool (at)


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                  Re: Virgil Fox's Residence Organ

                  Thanks, Soundboarddude!

                  I figured it out, and it wasn't all too hard. I am loading the classes into my iPod, and will be enjoying them during my call to jury duty this week! Thanks!


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                    Re: Virgil Fox's Residence Organ

                    Saves just fine on my computer -Just hit save from quicktime. Or I can ctrl-click the link and "Download Linked File"... Ah things are just so much easier on a Mac ;-)

                    Love the files. Mr. Fox was certainly strict about rhythm, I picked up a few good pointers.


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                      Re: Virgil Fox's Residence Organ

                      i toured virgils former home long after he passed along with the president of the virgil fox society and it was explained that the skinner part of his organ was in the wine cellar below the main floor and their were gtaings in the floor but i seem to recall that it was not playable whereasthe solarium had 30 ranks of keates from canada . virgil did business with that firm nad his associate who stayed with him bought him the keates as a gift. there were pipes upstairs such as a voxhumana unenclosed that spoke into a stairwell 4 stories high from a top floor. the console was an old aeolian with straight terraced knobs replaced by aeolian-skinner. the em skinner pipes were 1918 new old south church in boston sold or given to crystal cathedral like the french horn and orchestral stops not found in the 1960s aeolian-skinner or 1970s rufatti


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                        Virgil's associate David Snyder is said to have given VF a 30-rank Keates organ which was housed in the solarium located off from the alcove which had the 4m Aeolian console rebuilt by Aeolian-Skinner ala 1947 Walcker/Aeolian-Skinner console at Methuen, Massachusetts.

                        The 1915 Skinner from New Old South Church in Boston was located in a wine cellar under the main floor area with tone openings via ornate grilles in the floor that were on either side of a bridge leading to the console.It is said that the Skinner was never operative. There were miscellaneous pipes playing elsewhere.
                        A Vox Humana unenclosed on an upper floor speaking into the large and tall stairwell from afar.

                        The Skinner pipes went to Crystal Cathedral; the console to Virgil's pupil Richard Wallace and later to yet another pupil Steven Frank. The grillework I have personally seen at the home of Raymond Correll in Uniontown, Ohio and I have visited Virgil's former New Jersey home during a field trip of the Virgil Fox Society.


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                          Originally posted by ralf View Post
                          go to:


                          you can hear the organ on the free master class downloads....the ones in his home.
                          The correct url is:

                          .org not .com
                          Johannus Opus 1100 (ca. 1990)