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Page Organ Company History

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  • Page Organ Company History

    Does anyone know the basic history of the Page pipe organ company? I've been asked to propose a rebuild of a badly butchered Page church organ in our area. As part of my proposals I always like to include a little about the company that built it originally, but I know very little of Page.

    Unfortunately there is very little remaining that is actually Page. About seven ranks of pipes, the barely-working expression system, and part of the winding system remain. The console was replaced, and the chests have been converted to electric action, and very poorly at that. Nothing else remains of the original instrument.

    Many thanks!

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    Page started very small, with a home-built organ in 1922. They scored big in getting a Wurlitzer sales rep. to come in 1924 and market their products. Page remained in business in Lima, Ohio, until 1932 or so, another victim of the depression. Eventually, they sold to one of their employees, a Mr. Beilharz, who kept at the business and maintained a good reputation. By the mid-1980s, he wanted to retire, and sold it to the Holycross Brothers, who still are in business today. I know one of their technicians. The business is now located in Delphos Ohio, the neighboring town to Lima.



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      Thank you Dave, that is very helpful information.


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        Shawn, would you be referring to the Page organ in Manistee? I've performed on (what's left of) the organ and just joined the Task Force for its restoration.

        For those whose interest may be piqued, this particular Page organ was built in 1930 with additions made in 1977.
        An old-timer at the Church relates that there was a fire in the sanctuary in the 1920s which damaged the previous organ, and some of the then-extant pipework was incorporated into the 1930 build.

        Here is the stop list:

        Bourdon 16'
        Fagotto 16'
        Quint Bass 10 2/3'
        Bass Flute 8'
        Cello 8'
        Flute 4'
        Clarion 4'
        Choral Bass 4'
        Great Mixture III

        Contra Fagotto 16'
        Contra Gemshorn 16'
        Melodia 8'
        Open Diapason 8'
        Fagotto 8'
        Gemshorn 8'
        Dulciana 8'
        Unda Maris 8' t.c.
        Flute Transverse 4'
        Octave 4'
        Fagot 4'
        Gemshorn 4'
        Principal 2'
        Great to Great 4'

        Flute 8'
        Salicional 8'
        Voix Celeste 8'
        Trumpet 8'
        Flute Harmonic 4'
        Flute 4'
        Oboe 4'
        Nazard 2 2/3'
        Flageolet 2'
        Larigot 1 1/3'
        Swell Unison Silent
        Swell to Swell 16'
        Swell to Swell 4'
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          There's a Grand Page at the Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne, IN.
          Fishers, IN

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