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BDO pedalobard could be straight flat?

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  • BDO pedalobard could be straight flat?


    I got a question again: Does a BDO pedalobard could be straight flat?
    what's the difference between a BDO straight flat pedalboard and a straight flat pedalboard?

    What I got from Wiki (with all the photos of BDO pedalboard are concave): the United States by the AGO, in Germany by the BDO (which allows both 30- and 32-note pedalboards, of both concave/radiating and concave/parallel varieties).

    The BDO (Bund Deutscher Orgelbaumeister, or Federation of German Master Organ Builders), established in 1895.

    Thank you!

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    The way I always understood the BDO spec is that it is straight parallel , but concave. The AGO spec is 32 note concave and radiating. The AGO concave and radiating dimensions are an 8'6" min to 9'6" max diameter radius. I do not recall the radius of the BDO concave dimension. But, it feels like about the same radius on the couple I have played on.

    Any modern builders that use parallel flat boards probably are using whatever dimensions they like best. I have no idea if there is a spec for those approved by any organization.
    Regards, Larry

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