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Famous Organists and Famous Music

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  • Famous Organists and Famous Music

    Am trying to up my general knowledge of organs - would be great if anyone could give me a list of some famous current organists (and any videos of them) as well as famous pieces eg Widor toccata - any help much appreicated!

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    You might get more replies in the "Organ Music - Classical" section of the forum with this question. I'm not going to fill anything in as I'd like to know a bit more about the reason for the question. You see, organists are famous for some reasons. But their performances may not always be the most "educational", "tastefull", ... (thinking of one that starts with a "N") Same goes for the music itself. Sure the Widor toccata is "famous". But it might not be the best example in its genre.

    Same goes for what time period of music carries your interest? Looking for french romantic or french baroque? If you love the one, the other might not be to your taste. But if you're looking to enlagre your horizon, then again it might.

    If you would be a bit more specific in your question better answers will come.