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Wanamaker Organ Orchestral Division

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  • Wanamaker Organ Orchestral Division

    Peter Richard Conte demonstrates the Wanamaker Organ Orchestral Division.
    (video might take a few seconds to load). Requires Adobe Flash


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    wow! very nice. thanks.


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      Very, very nice! Thanks for posting!

      The voxes with the strings are gorgeous!
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        To someone who only hears Skinner french horns with any regularity, Kimball french horns are quite exciting as a second possibility. Skinner has more "bubble" at the attack, but Kimball might sound more realistic during the sustain. How nice that we get to hear a whole bunch in this organ.
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          That's what I call an orchestral division!
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            It is WAY past time for a new CD to be made of the Wanamaker (Macy's) organ.
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              Great video...thanks for posting.


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                Cannot find said video Help!
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                  Just type the words Wanamaker organ orchestral division into a YouTube search and you will see multiple videos of chamber tours that show the orchestral division.

                  I was fortunate to be working on rebuilding the Christmas Light Show at the store during the years that the orchestral division was relocated to its own, brand-new, chamber to the right of the string division. It was exciting to hear the long-silent Kimball pipework come back to life, rank by rank. I had the privilege to meet the woman who made the gift that funded this project and she was a most amazing, gracious and unassuming person.

                  The installation of the vox humana chorus in the former orchestral division area was another dramatic development during those years. Do a YouTube search for wanamaker organ vox humana chorus for more on that project.
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