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Link to Thrilling Austin Organs In Orchestral Transcriptions...

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  • Link to Thrilling Austin Organs In Orchestral Transcriptions...

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    These gems of the American Symphonic genre by Skinner, Austin, Kimball and MANY other fine firms exemplify the UTMOST glory and grandeur of American ingenuity and craftsmanship such as has NEVER been equaled since let alone surpassed. The great pipe organs are possessed of every sensitivity and nuance hitherto known to man. And they are 100% AMERICAN in their conception and execution .Lastly the tonal color, the palette is unlike ANY other school of organ building ANYWHERE o=n the planet.Uniquely American concepts taken to the very limit of both technology and tonal color and variety.
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      Hi I am not sure that your post is in the right genre of the forum? Would maybe be better under Pipe Organs, not electronic?
      I do agree with your comments though!


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        Yes, Pipe Organs is the correct place for this thread, so I've moved it for you.

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