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Pipe Organ "Mass Cathedral Chimes" Installation

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  • Pipe Organ "Mass Cathedral Chimes" Installation

    I have obtained the chimes of my home church which is being inevitably torn down due to roof structure compromises. I had to cut the cable from the chimes (which were in the attic of the church) to the console to the relay box. It was too hard and dangerous to try to follow the cable to where it goes down through the wall to the organ console. I also cut the same cable as it comes up through the floor into the console and to the relay box. I have about 10' of this cable with the plugging end to the chimes that I probably can re-attach to the other end to the relay box. Or I could try to use new wires. I also had to cut the wires from the Great contact board to the relay box. I also had to cut the cable from the electrical junction box to the power supply. The power supply had a round male plug input that may have been the 120 power cord with a female end and was hardwired to the 120 junction box. I have to go back to see if I can retrieve that cord. I have the cable with the (8) pin plug that plugs into the power supply. I have all this at my home and would like to be able to connect everything back up again to a separate keyboard. I don't want to connect it to my Allen 345 Quantum 3 manual organ. I want it to operate independently. That way it can perhaps go to another church or home when I don't need it any more.

    I would like to find a diagram to help me with this venture. I may contact try to enlist the aide of my organ technician but would like to have something in print to help with the project.

    The name on the chime switch is Maas Cathedral Chimes. Serial #-21CDX - Model #-C2476. I don't have a date and not sure if installed with the original Felgemaker 1909 organ or later when the console was replaced with an electric one probably in the 30s-40s.

    AlanClick image for larger version

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    Have you tried contacting the manufacturer?

    Johannus Opus 1100 (ca. 1990)


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      Thanks for responding. Since posting my thread, I realized that Maas-Rowe is probably the manufacture that is still in business. I plan to call them with the serial number and model number to see if they can help me. I didn't realize the connection till I found the name plate that was covered with black dust. I am just now cleaning up as much as I can from the stand.



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        The transformer needs 110vac input and has the round socket to supply 4 or 5 ac voltages out. There is a common ground on the socket and with a meter you can see what the various voltages are. This was wired to the selector switch for volume control. Many times the transformer output goes to a relay board. The selector switch then wires to the relay board. The relay outputs are all tied together and supplies voltage to the chime relays. Look to see if you are missing the relay board. Syndine supplies a solid state board to drive the chime coils. Just wire the key contacts to board along with the transformer output and then wire the board output to the chime coils.