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FREE 3 rank pipe organ

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  • FREE 3 rank pipe organ

    Yes, this is cross posted from classifieds. I want to get this out for maximum exposure, if I cannot move this organ it will probably end up in the landfill.

    FREE 1923 Frazee pipe organ, three rank. Disassembled for refurbishing. Removed most all of the cotton covered wires. Wood pipes shellacked. New cord on blower. Generally cleaned up. The multiplexer was ruined when I obtained it from the last owner and discarded. Pipes are mitered. Smaller metal pipes are in boxes. A couple of the small pipes are damaged. Started rewiring the wind chest. The pedals are not the original. I removed the voltage generator from the blower and used a modern power supply.

    Console - dissembled down to the frame.
    Keyboards are separate.
    Voice selector is separate.
    All pipes, metal and wood, mitered.
    Preset selector.
    Voice box.
    Additional small voice box for largest pipes.
    Pedals - not original I've been told.
    Wind regulator.
    Support framing for mid sized pipes.

    Yes it is in a pile of parts, but would be a fun project to bring it back to life and hear it sing.

    The wind chest is 45" x 58". The regulator is 24" x 44". The blower is 31" x 25" and runs on 110 volts, 1750 RPM. There is an additional small chest for the largest wood pipes. I have only put air through the regulator/chest and into a few pipes to show a little of it works. The pipes are mitered and supposed to fit under a 9' ceiling, although I haven't checked the wood pipes out. There are no shutters or controls. Some of the littlest pipes are bent or dented, one is broken at the mouth, one of the flutes has come apart at a solder joint. The biggest problem is the voice/key selector, it was totally ruined so I trashed it. There are electronics that can replicate that piece though, and make the delay a lot shorter. I have played an intact Frazee and there is a noticeable delay in fingering and hearing the sound.
    I cannot verity any of the history of the organ, only that it showed up on the west coast - Vancouver BC, where it supposedly came from the "Pig War Museum".
    2/3 Frazee pipe organ
    Gulbransen Rinlto2
    Used to have:
    Wurlitzer 505 ???
    Cable upright grand piano

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    is this organ still available? if so I would be interested. I would be happy to just the pipes, bellows, wind chest, keyboards and soundboards and then build the rest myself. also, wat is the specification?