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How loud is the average pipe organ at the operator's ear?

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    That's pretty good, I'd be wearing earplugs, but that's me. I think I start wearing earplugs around 70-75dBA. I hope your organ has expression control.

    I just found a dog whistle while cleaning out the organ room. I blew 105.4dBA @ 1m in the range of 10-16kHz as a stopped pipe. It scared the cat.
    Allen 530A


      All depends where the console is and the direction the pipes speak. My local cathedral organ in Rochester UK is deafening at the console as it is between the two pipe towers so it is bloody loud up there, especially as they have put a new battery of fiery reeds just above the console!. Exeter Cathedral on the other hand (quite a mild organ in any case) speaks away from the console and it is quite sedate in the loft as is Salisbury Cathedral even with its big Willis Tubas. My former parish church organ, a very fine Harrison and Harrison at Crediton in Devon had the console directly beneath the pipes and so the sound basically went over your head. Even full organ was not too bad at the console.