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Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in N.C. organ

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  • Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in N.C. organ


    I didn't know whether to put this thread on electronic or pipe organs, since the organ at your church is both. Could you tell me if you are going to do any recordings of the instrument for sale to the public? I would be interested in hearing one, especially if you choose some moments to only use the M&O stops on it.


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    Re: Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in N.C. organ

    Yes, there will be recordings, and also a DVD to be recorded by an Italian organist (Roberto Scarpa Meylougan). The DVD will be released by Deutsche Gramaphon.

    My plan is to make a recording of the works I played on the dedication recital later this Spring, but I don't have an exact date yet.

    The organ is mostly pipe, and is just augmented by the M&O digitals for some celestes, some of the 32' stops, and part of the Antiphonal (due to space), and some of the solo stops (also due to space). It would be hard to really play works to show off just the digital stops since there is no real chorus and major works that only use celestes are few and far between.

    I generally use the digital stops in conjunction with the pipes, but the match is so perfect it has fooled organ technicians! LOL