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How Do You Get To The Wanamaker Organ Console?

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    How Do You Get To The Wanamaker Organ Console?

    I am quite partial to the Wanamaker Organ in Philly and would love to visit it some day. But I have a question that I can't find the answer to online. I originally thought that there was a gate in the railing surrounding the console, but I recently saw a picture of the console from the third floor, and I could see a stairwell on the right side of the console. Can anyone tell me what that is, where it goes, and where it lets out?
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    The console is on a platform that is about three feet higher than the second floor sales floor. The steps simply lead up from the sales floor to the level of the console. The console is usually open to visitors after each concert but not during the concert. The gate at the bottom of the steps is always locked except for these post-concert times and during tours.

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