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Deagan Chimes ???

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  • Deagan Chimes ???

    I have always wondered what is meant by "Class A" Deagan Chimes? One encounters this "Class A" all the time, but never hears of "Class B" or "Class C" chimes by Deagan or anyone else, for that matter.


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    Re: Deagan Chimes ???

    Actually, another member sent me a private message, to wit:

    The J.C. Deagan Company in Chicago made chime units for pipe organs from "Class A" through "Class D" for many years. The W.W. Kimball Company of Chicago invariably used Deagan's "Class A" chimes in their church (and most of their residence) organs, fitting them with their own "piano-like" strike action in order to obtain "soft" and "sostenuto" effects. Deagan's "Class A" chimes were usually built-to-order, rather than prepared in bulk and stored in the Deagan shop. Classes "B" and "C" were usually sold with Deagan's electric action already mounted, sometimes with their own little miniature keyboard, but not always; many an M.P. Moller and E.M. Skinner organ from the 1920s and 30s boasted Deagan percussions, but the "class" (often NOT "A") was seldom stamped on the chime itself, but usually specified in the organbuilder's contract and in the Deagan records. Class "D" frequently appeared as a stock set of 21-note chimes equipped with electropneumatic action primarily for the theater organ market. Deagan excelled in some percussions for pipe organ; notable Celesta, Harp and Chimes, but they did make some interesting other things as well, all with their own actions - except for Kimball, who invariably fitted the sound-producing portions of the percussion with their own action.

    Why he made this private, I do not know. But I want him to know that I will erase this post should he object to it here.


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