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A wikipedia stoplist example.

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  • A wikipedia stoplist example.

    I have a sort of general idea of what type of stop you would find on an organ,

    But what organs have a stop list like this?
    and what is an Avio 2' stop?

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    I've never heard of that stop nor can I find any reference to it, but as shown on that stop list it would be a 2 ft. most likely a chorus reed (trumpet tribe) or perhaps a regal of some sort.


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      It might be a special creation of an Italian organ builder called "Avio". I found a skewed reference to an "Avio organ-builder" but could not home in on it.



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        Maybe the Minor Tierce 1 3/4 is used to make a sad sounding Cornet.


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          The word "Avio" is a name of hamlet in north Italy, but there is not reference with organ. In Italy, I have never seen this organ stop. I'm sure, in Italy does not exist this stop.


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            What is kind of funny is that it is in red, in which reading the text that it would be a reed rank. looking at the last edit date for the article was last year in December. I have no clue why would they put it in, unless it is a severe misspelling or an outright corruption of a stop name that is out their.
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              A bigger question that I have to ask is what the hell kind of organ has a specification like that? Perhaps the Avio is a Clarion Doublette such as the one found on the Grand-Chœur of Saint-Sulpice de Paris, where it breaks back to 4' at middle C and then to 8' the C above? Who the hell knows?


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                It's interesting to note that the Avio has been removed from that article! As I read it, I found it hard to trust it. There's something odd about it. The fact that it mentioned the Avio (which no one knows anything about), that it still mentions a "Divided pedalboard" and a few other oddities, and gives them more prominence while failing to mention other common aspects of console layout, and the fact that it only quotes two "Notes and references", makes me suspicious of its overall accuracy beyond the basics.

                I'd say, "Let's not waste our time judging the merit of something that has so little to commend it."


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                  I found it odd that the article didn't include other console layouts (Theatre, Classical Tab or Button, Home, Hammond, etc.) where the stops aren't stacked and sometimes are ordered differently. It also didn't even mention preset pistons/toe studs/pedals/keys (which are visible on every picture in the article).
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