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Church and Concert Halls MIDI pipe organs

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  • Church and Concert Halls MIDI pipe organs


    This post coud have been in different categories.
    There is a MIDI section, but it relates mainly to electronic organs, while this post is about church and concert hall pipe organs.

    I am moving from compositions developed with software to concerts using MIDI on real pipe organs.
    Does anyone know of a list / website / inventory / association where real pipe organs that can be driven with MIDI are listed ?
    I am not talking about playing extra sounds, but playing the pipes from MIDI.

    This would be very helpful to anyone trying to organize a concert series.

    Thank you all

    Jocelyn Robert

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    I don't know of any such list, but pipe organs fitted with electronic relays, such as Petersen, Uniflex, etc. will very likely have MIDI record and playback capabilities, so you might wish to check with manufacturers and suppliers of those devices for a list of installations.

    The problem with MIDI playback on any organ, but especially pipe organs, is that there is no standard specification or MIDI implementation to program against. Each MIDI score will have to be adapted to the tonal capabilities and MIDI implementation of the target instrument.

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