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    It’s probably a bit late to post anymore stuff on this thread since I think everyone has said all they can but I thought I might as well list a couple more anywhere pipe organs that I’m aware of.

    The first organ is one that I read about a long time ago on a website about pipe organ oddities. The organ is called the Open Ait Konzert Orgel which was built by company called Hoffmann & Schindler in 1998. The design of this organ is rather novel as the instrument is mounted on the back of a truck much like a fairground organ so it can be driven to various events.

    The specification for this organ can be found on the builder’s website but as far as I am aware there doesn’t seem to be any recordings of this organ.

    The second instrument is called the Anywhere Organ and is a midi pipe organ that is made up of recycled organ pipes. This organ was built sometime around 2011 and it contains only a single rank of pipes but the creator Matthew Borgatti had plans to expand the instrument but I think this organ is pretty much on the back-burner.


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        I just thought I’d mention that a video has recently appeared up on Youtube of the travelling pipe organ called Organo Wanderer.
        The video is pretty average so unfortunately it’s nothing special but the performance is OK. A problem that I have probably mentioned many times before is that I find when researching these travelling organs like this one is that they tend to be very elusive and rarely do people make any videos or recordings of them.