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  • Melos Antropon
    I haven't seen mention yet in this thread about the 3 manual, 42 rank Schlicker portable pipe organ built for Western Michigan University (my alma mater) about 1972 or so. Each of the four divisions is in it's own rolling case. There is also one other platform added later that has the 32' Bourdon and Posaune on it.


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  • myorgan
    M. Kalbrenner,

    You must've been thinking about this organ:

    You can find links to threads about the mobile pipe organs,
    Maybe you'll get some ideas from those threads? Thank you for sharing about the Oreni organ. To date, I was only aware of one (non-portatif) portable pipe organ.


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  • F Kalbrenner
    started a topic Anywhere organ

    Anywhere organ

    I was originally going to post a thread about a mobile concert organ that was envisioned by the french organist Jean Guillou.
    But I’ve decided to postpone that when I recently stumbled across another mobile pipe organ called “L’Organo Wanderer” which
    was designed by the Italian organist Paolo Oreni.
    I’ve found at least one video which is on facebook of Oreni playing on his instrument. It would be nice if there were some recordings or Youtube videos
    done of this instrument. Plus I don’t have a Facebook account and I find it a bit of a nuisance the
    way the Facebook constantly Badgers me to Login.

    Paolo Oreni's playing is a bit over the top for me but I think it does show what his instrument can do.