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Pipe organs with upfront price...

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  • Pipe organs with upfront price...

    AE Schlueter has two models advertised with an upfront of price of $238k for a II/15 or $355k for a II/23, not including installing and delivery. I seem to remember reading in one or more of these threads that this type of thing would likely never happen today. There's definitely some borrowing and unification going on, but no information as to what resources are shared where. The website seems to claim that the costs savings are in automated machinery doing the work. Was wondering what people thought of these instruments, and what this might mean for the industry, state of the instrument, etc.

    Trying to find more out about this, it appears the 15 rank model is a copy of the instrument built for the Episcopal Church of the Advent in Madison, GA.

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    I think the installation and delivery would be a pretty big expense. I'm sure a lot of work could be automated and save a lot of time with component assembly (especially if the price makes the market big enough for mass production). They don't mention tonal finishing as part of the package. I would think that that would have to be done by a builder on location and would add a decent amount to the cost.
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      Originally posted by TSPhillips View Post
      Trying to find more out about this, it appears the 15 rank model is a copy of the instrument built for the Episcopal Church of the Advent in Madison, GA.
      We have a member from Madison, GA (Silken Path). Perhaps he could weigh in if the instrument in Madison is from the same builder.

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        I've never entered that church, but they have a Facebook page. There may be a picture of the organ in there somewhere.

        And here's the church's web pages.
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          Here is the spec of the organ from the Organ Historical Society database:

          It was built by A. E. Schlueter in 2000.

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            I think these may the instruments pictured in the literature regarding the priced upfront instruments.


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              If you modernised the process in a production line manner with automation in every step, I bet you could get that price down to under thirty to forty grand. I think I am right in saying that it's the labour costs more than anything else that are the biggest factor in how expensive pipe organs are, and if you got rid of the time required for an individual to make a single pipe and instead used some industrial robotics, you could have you some VERY affordable organs.