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    Originally posted by myorgan View Post
    Those would be cold calls! I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.:devil:

    Ha! I had exactly the same thought!



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      Originally posted by regeron View Post
      On the Conference Center organ, could they be there to allow you to make the expressive divisions adjustable by the various swell shoes? For example, if I put all the expressive divisions on the first swell shoe (or whatever happens to be the most convenient one), that's the only one I'd have to worry about to open and close all the boxes, rather than have my foot/feet on all the swell shoes?
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      On CC's M&O organ, there are 5 manuals and only 3 swell shoes (assuming that the fourth is a crescendo pedal. That means he needs the ability to assign any of the five manuals to one or more of the 3 swell shoes.

      It could be, too, that some or all of the pedal is under expression.
      Just reposting my comment #9 from November 2018.... Could it be that I guessed right back then? B-) [All said in a humble sort of way. O:-)]


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        Carnac the Magnificent (reincarnated as regeron) sees all.
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