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Virgil Fox Home Organ

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  • Virgil Fox Home Organ

    Does anyone have a stoplist for the Englewood organ in New Jersey?

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    Re: Virgil Fox Home Organ

    16 Diapason
    16 Violone
    8 Diapason
    8 Principal
    8 Flute harmonique
    8 Stopped Diapason
    8 Erzahler
    8 Quintadena
    4 Octave
    4 Principal
    4 Flute ouverte
    2 2/3 Quinte
    2 Super Octave
    2 Fifteenth
    V Mixture
    VI Harmonic
    8 English Trumpet
    8 French Trumpet
    4 Trumpet-Clarion
    4 Trumpett


    16 Viola Pomposa
    16 Dulciana
    8 Viola
    8 Flute harmonique
    8 Dulcette II
    8 Ezahler
    8 Ezahler Celeste
    8 Spitzflote
    8 Spitzflote Celeste
    4 Octave
    4 Viola
    2 2/3 Nazard
    1 3/5 Tierce
    1 1/3 Larigot
    1 Piccolo
    V Cymbal
    8 Trumpet
    8 Corno d'Amore
    8 English Horn
    8 Clarinet
    16 Contra Geigen
    16 Gedackt
    8 Salicional
    8 Voix Celeste
    8 Claribel Flute
    8 Flute a Cheminee
    8 Aeoline
    8 Unda Maris
    8 Flute Celeste II
    5 1/3 Quint
    4 Octave
    4 Viola
    4 Flute
    V-VI Plein Jeu
    16 Bombarde
    16 Hautbois
    8 Bombarde
    8 Oboe
    8 Vox Humana
    4 Clarion
    8 Diapason
    8 Gamba
    8 Gamba Celeste
    8 Major Flute
    8 Orchestral Flute
    8 Tuba Major
    8 Trumpet Military
    8 French Horn
    8 Oboe d'Amore
    8 Flugel Horn
    8 Vox Humana
    4 Tuba
    4 Bombard

    8 String II
    8 Clear Flute
    8 Fagotto
    8 Heckelphone
    8 Vox Humana

    32 Wood Open (electronic)
    32 Bourdon (electronic)
    16 Open Wood
    16 Metal Open (Gt)
    16 Contra Bass
    16 Violone (Gt)
    16 Geigen (Sw)
    16 Bourdon
    16 Dulciana (Ch)
    16 Lieblich Bourdon (Sw)
    10 2/3 Pedal Quint
    8 Diapason
    8 Octave Geigen (Sw)
    8 Open Flute
    8 Violone (Gt)
    4 Choral Bass
    4 Gross Flute
    4 Lieblich Flute (Sw)
    32 Bombarde (electronic)
    16 Bombarde
    16 Posaune
    16 Fagotto
    8 Trumpet
    8 Wald Horn
    4 Clarion
    2 Zinc


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      Re: Virgil Fox Home Organ

      its not working



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        Re: Virgil Fox Home Organ

        By the way, I don't know if you are interested, but the stoplist for Virgil Fox's Allen touring organ is available on the Allen Organ Co. website.

        My home organ is a Theatre III with an MDS II MIDI Expander.


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          Re: Virgil Fox Home Organ

          what stops/ranks of Virgil's home organ made it onto the organ at Chrystal Cathedral?


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            Re: Virgil Fox Home Organ

            The stops were from The New Old South Church Boston contracted 1915 and installed roughly 1917-1918 or so. They were never functional and were in the wine cellar under Virgil's drawing room with grating installed in the flooring now owned by and installed in the home of Ray Correll in Ohio. They were largely specialty voices of Skinner like the French Horn which neither the original Ruffatti nor Aeolian-Skinner had and other similar type Skinner specialty voices.The part of the Fox home organ that did work was the Keates of 30 ranks that David Snyder bought as a gift for Virgil for one of his birthdays plus a voxhumana way upstairs that spoke into a resonant stairwell of several stories that served as a resonance chamber.I have been there since the house was purchased and reworked and it was a thrill to see it all including an Olympic swimming pool that Virgil loved and his dining room with double crown molding etc. Nostalgic.


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              Re: Virgil Fox Home Organ

              It's a bit of a shame Virgil didn't put enough solo reeds in the organ.


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                Re: Virgil Fox Home Organ

                So what has happened to this organ over the years? Have it's pipes and ranks been moved to churches somewhere? Or are a lot of them still in there? Where is this organ now? I have the Fox MAster class audio, of which most of that is on this organ, was curious to see what happened to it now.