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Pipe organ with touch screens

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    I wonder if the swell shoes have both an automatic servo drive system, and full programability for multiple crescendo and swell curves on the same shoe? Lots you can do when you limit the console. I know there's times when I'd like every stop available to each manual and pedals individually to make the most use of a small organ as if it were big. That is extremely impractical without a compact computer and electronic action pipes.

    Considering the themes often seen in churches, I picture seeing this console behind the scenes in a theater where simplicity and practicality is common. I think large screens could be incorporated into a more ornate console without looking too modern or out of place.
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      "Lots you can do when you DON'T limit the console."

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    I don't care much for it,...TOO modern looking for my tastes. I'd much rather have a wooden console with either stop tabs,or draw knobs,...not touch screens. Yes,...I'm a bit old fashioned! JMO!
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