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Encyclopedia of Organ Stops now back online

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  • Encyclopedia of Organ Stops now back online

    Since this refers to pipe organ stops I'm posting on this forum.

    After a long absence, the Encyclopedia of Organ Stops is online again. I do not know the back story of why it went away or who is funding its return. A big Thank You to whomever make that possible. An announcement was made on the Allen Organ Owner Group by Doug Backman with an email address of pipeorganprojects at gmail dot com for those who wish to add information to the database.

    It has always been my go-to reference for figuring out language variations in stop names that one runs across when playing different instruments - or to look up obscure stop names. And the sound clips are so very helpful in providing a point of reference for various builders' interpretations of stops.

    A page with additional useful information about the site:
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    Thank you for the update. I, too, missed that page greatly. I also don't know the back story, but would like to have contacted the owner to see how I could help out. I suspect it may have been a server issue (perhaps security?).

    In any event, I'm glad it's back!

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      Thanks for telling me about this. For several years I have not been able to access this treasure. I just tried, and it does work again.