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  • What grade is this piece?

    What grade is Dankt, Dankt nu Allen God by F. Asma? I would like to learn this but I’m not sure if it’s too hard! The link to the YouTube video is https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0p8D5WHpSo.

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    It sounds pretty hard. Although might not hard for you, depends on your level.


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      Looks pretty difficult, but difficult usually just means more practice time is required, not like it's near impossible or anything like that. One of the first things I tried learning to play was Widor's toccata, it just took time, but I eventually got the hang of it at a satisfactory rate. There's a difference between just playing it and playing it well. The well part takes even longer, but not enough to discourage.
      Allen 530A


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        I would expect this to be rated 8 or college level. Thanks for bringing this up - I was not familiar with Asia’s works.


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          Thanks for replying, I’m trying to organise a piece that I could play at GCSE and was thinking of ending it on a perfect chord at around the 3 minute mark. I might just spend a while practicing it! Hkleb no problem, I happened to come across it by chance, I seem to enjoy Dutch organ improvisation/fantasies more than other genres!


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            I agree it looks complicated, but there is a recipe. Slow down and increase the pace + practice, practice.


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              LiamBlack thank you - I love this piece so I'm going to learn it - thanks for the tips So far I'm up to around a minute pretty good - might ask to play it on the organ at Hallgrimskirkja tomorrow on a school trip - apparently they're good at letting people try the organ out!