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wiring Meidinger blower

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  • wiring Meidinger blower

    I bought a used blower being a Meidinger .8 hp 220 volt model MFO9203; it is missing the capacitor but, I figured I could run the blower using a VFD as the capacitor is to facilitate running the blower on low voltage and I have a 220 volt single phase source. What I need is a diagram for the wiring and I have received no response from Meidinger as of 3 days ago; I guess they don't care about their old blowers. Can anyone assist with such information. Thanks

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    You may have a single-phase permanent split-capacitor motor. A VFD is used to drive a three-phase motor, even though it can have single phase input power. Your motor windings may not accommodate being driven by a VFD. If you have a single phase motor, do a search on "permanent split capacitor motor speed control" to find units appropriate for your application.

    On the other hand, with a quick search on "meidinger blower wiring" I found several wiring diagrams showing capacitors. One shows a capacitor on a single-phase motor and another one on the Organ Supply Industries web site suggests that they used three phase motors on some blowers with a capacitor to emulate the 3rd phase.

    Perhaps you could contact OSI tech support for more information regarding your particular model. They are a dealer for Meidinger and may be able to look up the information.

    Here's an older thread about Meidinger blowers on the Forum: https://organforum.com/forums/forum/...ower-questions
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      Meidinger's are, for all intents and purposes, a 3-phase motor. The Capacitor is used to create a "ghost" phase. Inefficient as all get-out, but it works. If he only has single-phase in his location, he'll need the capacitor, regardless.

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    I have installed many Meidinger blowers that were all three phase with the capacitors mounted on the side of the blower. In the last couple of years, I have been buying VFD's off ebay for about $100 and installing them instead of using the capacitors. My organ here at home has three of these blowers all running off VFDs with no problem at all. Some of the earlier motors did not have wire insulation that could break down due to the chopping of the generated three phase but it has never been a problem on the ones around me. The way around this problem was to buy the three phase inductor coil that fit between the output of the VFD and the motor. Again, never known of a problem not using this. Best of luck.



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      Thank you for your replies, I'll do some homework now that I have some guidance.