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Reuse of wooden organ pipes....?

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  • Reuse of wooden organ pipes....?

    Hi gang. My (Episcopal) Diocese has a "closed church inventory warehouse". When I went there to get some music, I see that there are a lot of wood organ pipes from old pipe organs removed from churches being closed, torn down etc. Looked like nothing particularly 'worthwhile' (famous builder, etc). I asked the Deacon in charge why he didn't dispose of them since so much space was taken up by old pipes that would never get set on an airchest again...and he invited me to suggest something. Has anyone found good uses for old wood organ pipes? TIA for any ideas. BTW a local pipe organ builder didn't want them.
    Bill Miller, Phila PA

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    Façades. There's a nice one on *Bay right now, but it's too far away for me. As I'm building my garage and getting ready to put the organs (including pipe organ), I realize it never had a façade, so just the bare reservoirs, etc. will be visible.

    That's just one idea. Perhaps an education initiative would be another possibility?

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      By the way it sounds like your garage is not just a garage it seems to be an organ museum and music studio with both electronic organ and pipe organs in it! Wow.

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    Perhaps there are children's or science museums in the area that could use some for demonstrations of sound and physics. I saw this really fun exhibit on vacation in Germany. It was in the town of Schiltach in the Black Forest.
    You could play one or two pipes by putting the hose end into those holes and stomping on the bellows pedal there like a calcant. They are out of tune and voice, as you can see pretty beaten up, but it was fun to try out the different shapes and hear what tone color comes out.

    Click image for larger version

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      There was a guy on eBay selling wood pipes as novelty shelves -- mount them horizontally on a wall. Obviously, the big pipes made better (deeper) shelves, even if you had to shorten them.



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        Now I want to make a garden sculpture with some sort of abstract windchest diverting actual wind into the pipes. A pity that I actually like my neighbors so probably won't do it.
        Home Organ: VPO Home-Brewed from a former Klann pipe organ console


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          I found that woodworkers like wooden pipes. The wood is from old growth has no knots. it is totally Stablewood. I know a toy maker who loves this stuff. Others have cut up large pipes For the nice clear stock so ask your woodworking friends.
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            Thanks everyone. I'll pass these on to the Deacon who's on charge.