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Crazy Last Verses!

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  • Crazy Last Verses!

    Thought I would start this thread to see if anyone has any anecdotes about playing last verses in hymn tunes. As you will know, the general idea is that the last verse of selected hymns can be somewhat 'enhanced' by way of a new accompaniment, tasteful reharmonisations etc. I played one this morning for Holy, Holy, Holy (Nicea) and it seemed to come off well. Anybody played any extreme examples that have perhaps surprised the choir and congregation? I seem to remember there were a couple of videos on you tube which were quite extreme.

    I made a boob one sunday when I accidentally played the 'last verse' reharmonised accompaniment (and quite a 'exciting' one at that!) on the penultimate verse when the choir were apparently still trying to sing the original harmony! You can imagine what that sounded like! Won't be doing that again. I'm almost OCD about counting the verses now so I don't miscount the verses again.

    M. O.

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    Re: Crazy Last Verses!

    I once played a wonderful arrangement of Amazing Grace - atleastI thought it was at the time.

    It had some interesting harmonies and chord progressions which captured my fancy.

    All of which divertedmy attentionfrom the fact that it modulated up a half step, not once but twice. The last verse was thusin thestratospheric key of "A" withsustained high E's.

    When it came time to do it during the service I had a room full of people shrieking at the top of their range - it wasn't pretty!

    I'm just glad nobody passed out. [:S]