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Constructing a House organ

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  • Leisesturm
    <big sigh> I am going to try and be helpful, but I have to tell you that I am missing the gene that makes people want to build home sized pipe organs. The main reason is acoustics. A liveable house has awful acoustics for a pipe organ. A house in which a pipe organ would sound nice would be way too echoey for normal human activities. Next is that even the smallest of digital organs would have way more resources of tone color than a pipe organ that a single builder could construct in a reasonable timeframe. Most of these organs are never finished, even after decades. They are eventually given away by the builders widow. Unknown is how many of these builders are actually the victims of foul play by said widow due to the estrangement and rancor that followed the initial stages of construction. That out of the way, scale. If your 50mm diam. waste pipe is correct as specified, that is 2". Have a look at a real stopped Bourdon. 2" would be awfully thin for an open 16' bottom octave. A stopped pipe? I'm not surprised they don't speak when stopped. They need to have much more diameter but it is beyond my knowledge to know how much more.

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  • Rocket1829
    started a topic Constructing a House organ

    Constructing a House organ


    I'm currently designing a small 2 manual house organ and I have already made part of a 4ft Principal rank out of PVC. (Apparently this will be able to go towards half an A-Level, so I'm more inclined to spend time constructing it). The ideal specification will be:

    Great: 8ft Stopped [or open] diapason, 4ft Principal, 2ft Fifteenth
    Swell: 8ft Gedackt and 4ft Flute
    Pedal: 16ft Bourdon.

    I have a few questions about this: Will a 16ft bourdon be able to fit under an 8ft ceiling, or will the lowest pipes have to be mitred? (They would be 50mm dia. waste pipe, would a rounded corner work such as this? - https://www.diy.com/departments/flop...5/35041_BQ.prd)

    And a second question - If I take some of the pvc pipes I have made so far, and stop them at the end to convert them into 8ft [Gedackt] from a 4ft [Principal], they currently do not sound. They only speak while open. What will I have to do to modify the pipes to make them speak when stopped - change the upper lip shape? (To save some height space!)

    The pipes have this design - https://www.instructables.com/id/PVC-Pipe-organ/

    Many thanks,