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West Point Organ Complete Specification

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    West Point Organ Complete Specification

    I have not yet located a complete stoplist for the West Point Cadet Chapel Organ. I have found several general ones, but not yet one that lists the entire row by row layout of the 800+ stops. Any ideas? Thanks!

    I have not looked for such a thing but I wonder why it would be so hard. Last I knew the WPCCO was ~185 ranks. I 'think' I may have heard in passing that it was closer to 205 ranks now. Even allowing for mixtures ... 800+ stops? I don't even think the Wanamaker Organ has 800 speaking stops. You may in fact be looking at more complete stop lists than you know.

    Edit: So ... I was wrong. Happens. Organ was 375 ranks in 2007. 874 speaking stops. Here is the specification. Was not hard to find at all. Understanding the point of it will be the hard part.
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