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What the heck is my organ??

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  • What the heck is my organ??

    The organ at my church (Lincroft Bible Church in Lincroft, NJ) is one of these frankensteins put together by the famous Chester A Raymond of Princeton, New Jersey, or, as the local organ tech around here put it, "ahhh yes, 'Chester the Organ Molester'". haha! Anyway, a while back, Nathan (Kleinerzahler) here from the forums came out from Connecticut to see my organ and try to repair a few things! We spent all day on it and he fixed a stop whose pouch had burst. At the end of the day he said that he was pretty sure it was a turn-of-the-century Moller that was originally tubular pneumatic and installed in another church. Nathan is the man, so I trust he's right.

    Now, the organ tech I mentioned in my area, I actually discovered recently. I wasn't aware that there was any organbuilder or tech in my area, but there's one in my town that I found through ebay, it turns out! Anyway, I met him at his shop, and spoke to him. Turns out he's the last guy that maintained my organ! He told me he was told it was a Midmer organ... the same Midmer that became Midmer-Losh. Interesting, as I never thought to challenge what Nathan said. Anyway, I have quite a few pictures I'll post here below in addition to a very interesting thing I found on the back of the low C diapason after looking at it for the longest time.

    Loads of pictures are in this album:

    Didn't want to directly link for our 56k friends here. (Click view all in the lower right-hand corner to view all of the thumbnails and see what strikes you)

    Here's the picture of the back of the low C:

    Nashville??? Anyway, let me know what you guys think.

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    Re: What the heck is my organ??


      Very interesting indeed. 

           If memory serves, the suggestion of the Moller lineage of the instrument came from an organist whose Church backed out of purchasing that instrument before it wound up in Lincroft.  I'll have to ask him if he thinks it's a Midmer instead!  The Moller brand was plausible because their tubular-pneumatic chests of vintage are never saved, ever.  I suspect this could be the case with Midmer as well.


              - Nate 



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      Re: What the heck is my organ??

      wow!!!! very very very interesting news! :)