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Allen Smart Recorder Power Supply

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  • Allen Smart Recorder Power Supply

    Is this the correct power supply and if not, where can I purchase one? Thank you!

    Click image for larger version

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    The power supply pictured has the required voltage and current ratings, but you need to make sure that its connector is wired with the center pin being +5vdc and the barrel being ground. This is usually the case, but not always. You could try searching for a spec sheet or use a multimeter to determine the polarity. If you're brave and have nothing to lose, you could just plug it in and see what happens. 💥

    There are many 5 volt power supplies out there that would fill the bill, like this one for example.

    Allen 965
    Zuma Group Midi Keyboard Encoder
    Zuma Group DM Midi Stop Controller
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    Looks correct. The Allen calls for +5 volts at 1.5 amps, which is what the power supply says it delivers.

    The only thing not shown on the wall wart's label is polarity. The Allen recorder specifies that the +5 is on the inside of the connector (contacts the pin). Almost surely the wall wart is also wired that way, since it's the most common way, and if it were negative on the inside the label would surely say so.

    If you want to be absolutely sure before you try it, use a meter and put the red probe inside the barrel connector and touch the black probe to the outside of it. Your meter should read +5 volts if the polarity is correct.
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      That is the correct 5 volt power supply. If you want to know how I know that you can PM me.