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  • Oldest organ in the world

    Balint Karosi does wonderful videos of organs all over the world. I recently found this one on the 1442 organ in Rysum, Germany. In his videos he plays each of the stops of the organ. Enjoy.


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    Thanks for sharing this! Quite interesting and inspirational.

    There is an organ in Ostönne near Soest (North-Rhine-Westphalia) that is probably a tad older (from around 1425) and another instrument in Sion (Switzerland) from around 1435. It's really interesting to see how experts are trying to figure out how old an organ (or at least parts of it) really is, and it's a lot of detective work and sometimes one can only guess.
    German wikipedia has a list of organs until 1530: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_...tischen_Orgeln

    Let's hope that these gems will exist for some time longer


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      Hi all,

      There is an episode of Diane Bish's The Joy of Music featuring an organ from 1390 at Fortress Cathedral in Sion, Switzerland. It was restored in 1954. Here are the three parts of the show as found on YouTube.Later,
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        A while ago I watched a half-hour 2015 documentary on the Ostonnen organ (German with English subtitles): https://youtu.be/YxmsZ5ksaVY

        Trying to find the above video link, I found a 24-minute podcast about the Ostonnen organ (I haven't listened yet) but the photos on the podcast page are very interesting even without hearing the podcast: https://organsafari.wordpress.com/tag/ostonnen/