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Tour of the RC Cathedral Organ, St. Louis, Missouri

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  • Tour of the RC Cathedral Organ, St. Louis, Missouri

    Here are a couple of recent videos (September, 2020) providing a tour of the large, 118 rank Kilgen/Moller/Wicks organ in the St. Louis Cathedral. The cathedral is a magnificent building with an 8 second reverb time. The first video is a tour of the various divisions and stops in each along with demos of the stops and combinations of stops. The second video is a tour of the divisions in their various locations throughout the building. Although the videos are long, they are packed with a lot of good info. The first video contains an index in the info section below the video ("Show More", view it on youtube instead of embedded here to get that).

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    This is on my bucket list of Catholic Churches to visit! It's absolutely gorgeous and maybe, just maybe, they'd let me play the organ!
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      Thank you for sharing these videos. It's a bit confusing because it's listed as an 118 rank organ, but that's including the digital ranks, I'm sure.

      Thanks again for sharing it.

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      • SchnarrHorn
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        Yes, I'm pretty sure that includes the digital ranks. Looks like 16 digital ranks, if I counted correctly. Even still, the organ has a pretty good pipe spec. The only place it was weak was in the pedal without any 32' (the 10 2/3' an attempt to provide something) for an organ and building this size. I'm sure the digital 32' voices in the pedal make it really grand, although it's hard to hear them on the video.

        The stop list is available here:

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      The walks boards look so narrow, at least from the camera point of view, like they are barely wide enough for 2 feet. I'd be afraid someone would bump the pipes just turning around let alone loose balance and fall on them...

      ...Oh, I see, they do bump against the pipes.
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