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Cubus bass stop

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  • Cubus bass stop

    A few weeks I decided to send an email to the company Oberlinger asking if any recordings or videos had been made that demonstrating the cubus, as I'm curious about how it sounds.
    For those unaware, the cubus is an ocarina like box that was invented as a compact alternative to the 16' subbass. I've included links to info about the cubus on both the Organ Encyclopedia and the Oberlinger websites.

    The message I got back was mainly about the history behind the cubus and also how they're working on incorporating it into their chest organs, but unfortunately nothing about any recordings. However it is said on their website that the sound of the cubus is between a subbass and a contrabass, so that gives me some idea as to what it sounds like.

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    I also just remembered that the Oberlinger website I find isn't that reliable, as it doesn't always seem to be available.