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    Hi, All!
    Please forgive me if this is not the appropriate forum, but it seems a random topic that doesn't feel neatly into any particular forum. However, those who do repairs might be the most knowledgable on this, and it looks like this is where repairs go....

    I'm looking for a display unit with a single key to pipe tracker action that demonstrates how tracker action works (Does this make sense...?)

    I've reached out to a couple of organ builders. One told me no, the other never responded (Which I find particularly irksome!)

    Can anyone offer any advice?

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    The best and cheapest will probably be to make your own, using some lumber, plexiglass sheets, wire, and hardware.


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      Thanks so much!

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    Here is a Raphi Giangiulio's site. He made several small tracker organs.


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      Perhaps if you contact APOBA (link), they could recommend a pipe organ builder who would make it for you. I seem to recall seeing something like that some time ago for an "introduce teens to the pipe organ" type of educational program, but don't recall where. Sorry.

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        Charles Kegg, of Kegg Organ Company, built some models of how various pipe organ actions work for the Longwood Gardens Organ Museum. You might contact him for ideas.


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      You could do something like this: http://orgelkidsusa.org/
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        Originally posted by samibe View Post
        You could do something like this: http://orgelkidsusa.org/
        It’s funny, I just came across this last night, and my husband who doesn’t at all care for organ music was actually excited about it! It’s $6,000, but gosh. It could be worth it!