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Any experience using PTFE/Teflon to lube pallet pull-downs?

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  • Any experience using PTFE/Teflon to lube pallet pull-downs?

    When doing an initial test of some pallets on the 1875 Henry Erben I'm helping restore, many pallets were sluggish to return to closed position. I initially thought I'd have to replace pallet springs, but after doing a bit of research discovered that piano technicians have used PTFE/Teflon lubricants on action parts for many years, e.g. Protek CLP - Lubricant for piano action parts - Howard Piano Industries and It would seem important to lubricate without damaging felt or leather. Does anyone have experience dealing with this problem of sticky pallet pull-downs? Thanks.

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    I may be wrong, but while there's nothing wrong with using Teflon lubricants, I would still think you have to releather the pallet valve and replace the spring. Unfortunately, a lubricant isn't enough for a pipe organ action that has to be restored. The leather wears out, and the springs lose their force, and there's nothing that can be done about that.

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      IIRC, Teflon lubricants leave a residue which may build up. I would almost prefer a water dispersant like WD-40. Then again, I'm no expert on the matter.

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