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What companies sell organ parts and supplies to hobbyist builder?

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  • What companies sell organ parts and supplies to hobbyist builder?

    Hello organ enthusiasts,

    This is my first post and I am hoping the community can point me in the right direction.

    I have taken to heart the adage that a woodworker’s next project should always be something he doesn’t know how to build with tools he doesn’t have. Over the past year, I have moved from building a basic hutch, to a grandfather/standing clock, and am now prepping to build a small pipe organ for my home. I bought the books by John Boersma (I’ve read a review of his building method in a different post on this forum and realize that not everyone is a fan of his approach, but I think his method will suit my needs) and am in the early prepping stages. This is quite an ambitious project for me, but I love the organ as an instrument and am eager to build one.

    My first question to the forum is, where can an individual/hobbyist source the various wooden/metallic/misc parts that would be needed (and that can’t be bought in regular hardware stores)? I am familiar with the catalogues of some of the well-known organ supply companies in the US and Germany, but they only sell to professional builders and restorers. Where is a hobbyist to turn?

    I would be grateful for any and all leads and advice and look forward to engaging more on this forum.

    Thank you.


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    The one I know of is organsupply.com. Hope that helps!

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    • boalsert
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      Thank you for replying, Philip. I contacted organsupply.com, but they said they do not sell to individuals. ;(

    • Philip Powell
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      Oh, really? My brother just bought something from them. Odd.

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    Klann Organ Supply will sell to hobbyists. Peterson Electro-Musical Products will also sell to you. Syndyne used to do so, and probably will still do so if you are looking to outfit a full organ--i.e., buying 50 drawknob actions instead of 1. In all cases, it is best to send a request for quotation--it will let the supplier you are serious about your intentions.

    Arndt organ supply will also sell to you, and are very good as providing engraved parts like stop tabs, drawknob heads, etc.


    • boalsert
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      Thank you! I will contact these companies. I appreciate your help.

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    Raphi Giangiulio also made several small pipe organs and may provide some additional insight. http://www.rwgiangiulio.com/


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      For organsupply, I called the local organ builder and he was happy to work as a middle man.


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        Catalog & Info | Klann Organ


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          You might find helpful information at the nippocast youtube channel. Here is what he says about it:

          Hi everyone, I'm gianmaria and I'm Italian. in my channel, I design, build and play musical instruments, such as my home made pipe organ. If you like woodworking, design, music but also less serious stuff, this channel could be for you. At the moment I am involved in the building of a portative organ in medieval style.

          Here is a link to his videos:


          Good luck on your project. Be sure to keep us posted on your efforts.

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            Thank you to all who responded with advice and tips. Lots of good leads for me to follow up on. I really appreciate it and I will keep you updated on my progress. Boalsert