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Interesting comparison of original Arp Schnitger Principal 8' stops

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  • Interesting comparison of original Arp Schnitger Principal 8' stops

    Principal 8'-only music from recordings of different Schnitger organs spliced one after another.


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    What was interesting about this video is the variation that occurred at the beginning in the 1690s vs. the 1700s. The sound was much more consistent in later organs, with the exception of the wooden Principals. It was intriguing how the sound of the wood was so distinct in those ranks.

    Thank you for sharing this video. I wonder if a similar video exists for other stops (i.e. Flutes or Strings)?

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      Interesting video. I enjoyed it a lot. I wish I had one or even a few of those principals to work with on my church's organ.

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        I think the tone is actually remarkably consistent. What does vary though, is the base pitch, wind pressure, and the reverberation of the spaces.

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