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Helmholtz Resonator

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  • Helmholtz Resonator

    Every time I clean this lovely vase using the vacuum cleaner I can't resist putting the brush over the opening just so producing a beautiful resonant tone of B2 at 123 Hz. I wouldn't mind having this as a pedal stop. Of course we are dealing with a Helmholtz Resonator, but what I find remarkable is that this vase, with a diameter of only 9 inches manages to produce a wavelength of 110 inches. It would take a stopped pipe a little over two feet to produce this same pitch.

    Click image for larger version

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    My question then is, has anyone ever used Helmholtz resonators instead of pipes in a pipe organ?

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    Interesting idea. Of course, a stopped pipe behaves like a hemholtz resonator, and that helps contribute to the fullness of tone. I think the only reason this isn't more common is that depending how you construct the pipe, it may be hard to voice and tune.

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