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Missouri-based organ tuner Christopher Soer on pipe organ maintenance and tuning

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  • Missouri-based organ tuner Christopher Soer on pipe organ maintenance and tuning

    Christopher Soer, President of Christopher Soer Pipe Organs, LLC located in Union, Missouri, talks about pipe organ maintenance and tuning, what to do when there's a cipher or a dead note, and things you might want to know to keep your pipe organ sounding its best.


    Christopher holds Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Systems Analysis and Design, from Webster University in St. Louis. Before joining Quimby Pipe Organs in 2013, Christopher served as an apprentice voicer for Wicks Organ Company in 2005. Studying under Mark Scholtz for voicing, Christopher trained as a flue voicer (specifically strings) and tonal finisher. In 2008, Christopher was made Shop Superintendent where he managed over 40 projects from design to installation. In 2010 Christopher was made Pricing Agent and then Vice President after studying organ business and procedure under John Sperling. Some additional duties and areas of study have been: drafting and design, scaling, service and tuning, casting metal and finishing.

    Christopher served as Organist and Music Director for Hillside Presbyterian Church, in House Springs, Missouri for eleven years. Prior to that he was assistant organist at St. James Catholic church for five years and had been substituting since the age of ten. Christopher studied liturgical and classical organ with Bob Ellison and Henry Glass as well as silent film accompaniment and theatre organ with Stan Kann. Christopher is the proud owner of the remaining Kilgen Organ Company records and is a versed historian of the Wicks Organ Company among others. Christopher enjoys playing the theatre organ as well as collecting antiques.


    Hammond M-102 #21000.
    Leslie 147 #F7453.
    Hammond S-6 #72421