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Are temporary repairs possible?

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  • Are temporary repairs possible?

    Hi all,

    New here - a volunteer at our church, and we're having some issues with our organ. It was re-homed about seven years ago and mostly rebuilt during the process. Unfortunately, the gentleman that did most of the work is no longer at the church. I helped, almost know enough to be dangerous - but not more than that.

    One of the reservoirs has developed a loud and annoying whistle. I managed to temporarily "fix" it by placing extra weight on one corner - but that didn't last long.

    There are no holes or other large issues that I can find. Is there anything that could be tried while we wait for a repair person? I'm assuming a rebuild is in our future, but I would like to find a way to mitigate the issue short-term so we can get through the holidays.


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    If you can find where the hole is, try some hot glue.

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      Never use white glue, hot glue, caulk, duct tape, metal tape, or the like on pipe organ. If you really need a temporary fix, then try blue masking tape because it won’t leave residue.

      If blue tape doesn’t work, then leave it alone. The issue might be annoying, but it is something that you can point at to convince people you need money for the organ.