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Wiring ADC Drawknobs

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  • Wiring ADC Drawknobs

    I am currently working on wiring some Allen ADC Drawknobs to an Opus Two system. Are there any modifications I need to make? Seems I seen a PDF about it at one point. Thanks

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    I would write directly to Opus Two
    They are always very fast at responding and they can tell you exactly what you need without waiting for a (possibly incorrect) response here.
    Once you get a reply from them, perhaps consider sharing it on this thread so that all might benefit.


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      ADC models may have one of two quite different drawknob/capture systems. Some models are like the earlier MOS models while others are like the later MDS models with the chained stops that behave like a long shift register. Be sure to let Opus Two know which you have. Hint: The MOS type use a DM board.


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        To elaborate, ADC models had three possible combination configurations, blind preset, dual memory (dual memory from MOS era), and quad memory. A drawknob model would either be dual or quad memory.