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Masonic organs

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  • Masonic organs

    This is an off shoot of the Mansonic organs thread
    [quote user="Philip the organist"]

    RE masonic organs: No, I'm not a Freemason, nor will I ever be one, but here in Rochester there is a big Art Deco building downtown built around 1930. It used to be called the Temple Civic Center and was owned/operated by the Masons. Several years back they sold it to the R.B.T.L. (Roc Broadway Theater League) and now half is a theatre and the other half has offices.

    They apparently had several small organs in various meeting rooms, and a big Moller in what is now a 200-seat party hall. Also the Rochester Theatre Organ Society reinstalled a 4/23 Wurly in the main theatre in 1964 after the RKO Palace came down.

    All the small organs are either removed or unplayable; the Moller is severely water-damaged, but the 4/23 is alive and performing monthly (BTW, free concert this Sunday).

    More info: <>

    Sorry, WAAAY off topic, but maybe it was interesting.[8-|]


    [quote user="Austin766"]

    gee..We're talking about electronics, not organs in Masonic lodges/temples, oh well, I was going to say I know that the Masonic Temple/PAC in Cleveland has a four manual Austin, I think it has a smaller Austin too, and the local chapter of ATOS (Western Reserve Theater Organ Society) is installing a 4/28 Wurllitzer in the Auditorium at the Masonic Temple (Sorry, Scottish Rite temple...). These are probably much more reliable than the appliances of which you speak.

    Sorry, I know it was a bit off topic, but, that is my two cents, and what'd ya want for two cents, a shave and a hair cut (that's two bits anyway).