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The English Organ

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  • The English Organ

    I remember reading somewhere that the main goal of English organ building was for it to accompany choirs and congregations in singing more than it was as an solo instrument. It also said that theEnglish were the first ones to really make this the main focus.I thought this was interesting and was not sure if this was really true or not. You find all these organs in places such as Germany that are mostly meant to play solo works. What do you guys think?

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    Re: The English Organ

    There isn't much need for a Posthorn, Clarabella, Tuba or some of the other "solo" stops found on English organs if they were only built to support congregations in singing. Many of the largest English organs were built in town halls, and were very much for solo works. Perhaps, whoever said the organs were only for accompaniment was thinking of the little village church organs with limited ranks, but even on those you often find an oddball stop which remains unused for Hymns.