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Window Shopping for a Unit Orchestra

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  • Window Shopping for a Unit Orchestra

    I have been lately window shopping for a unit orchestra to have. My Criteria is slightly complex.

    1. 2M - 3M
    2. 8 - 15 Ranks

    Ok, Im been eyeing the smaller 3Rank Pipe organs but i am interested in a small tonal pallet that offers wide options. I am not ready to purchase one but i have looking around and window shopping and looking for a Style that would be able to put on a trailer and move about or installed in a nice room.
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    Nice 3/8 Wurli 'Granada' type on ebay over here.... probably too far away though!

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      Ill check it out

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    Most theatre organist consider the Wurlitzer Style D (or its later successor, the 165) to be one of the best balanced of the small theatre pipe organs which had these ranks: tibia, open diapason, concert flute, salicional, vox humana, and trumpet. That forms the basic core for a decent small theatre organ.


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      Ok, hmm so i looked it up and the stop list will have to be re worked, if you wanted to add just one rank or unit to it what would it be.

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    Maybe a salicional celeste rank, for just one, but it would be nice to add clarinet, orchestral oboe, and post horn.


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      We have a former 2-7 where we added just that plus a 16 ft Tuba, and a 16ft extension to the Tibia(Peterson). it’s been called a “sportscar” version of a little organ.
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