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Robert Morton Muted Horn

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  • Robert Morton Muted Horn

    Does anyone have any construction details on this rare and coveted rank from the Robert Morton company, I would certainly would like to either add one or construct a rank.

    It is said that George Wright had the rank installed in his Studio Pipe Organs.
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    Look for organs on the Internet that have the horn listed, and visit those organs, or research their construction.

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    • Pipeorganbuilder
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      Have not run across any of these horns in all my years of servicing theater pipe organs--there again, not may Robert Morton organs installed here in the south east. Since their factory was in Ca., I would check with organ builders on the west coast. Surely someone out there would know. Might even check Morton's patents to see if they were filed.


    • Ben Madison
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      I tried looking around online I can only find sparse construction details i came on here hoping someone who had the rank would respond in this forum.

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    Theater organ enthusiasts may be interested to know that there will be a free concert on the 4 manual Robert Morton organ at the Ohio Theater in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday, March 17 at 3 P.M. While a "muted horn" is not listed among the organ's 34 ranks, it does have a 16' Oboe Horn and an 8' English Horn.

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      The Encyclopedia of Organ stops has some information. Here is the link for Robert Morton Muted Horn


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        Greg Rister has an in-depth knowledge of Robert Morton theatre organs. You might try contacting him at: greg@risterpipeorgans.com to see if he can provide the details you desire.