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Robert Morton Muted Horn

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  • Robert Morton Muted Horn

    Does anyone have any construction details on this rare and coveted rank from the Robert Morton company, I would certainly would like to either add one or construct a rank.

    It is said that George Wright had the rank installed in his Studio Pipe Organs.
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    Look for organs on the Internet that have the horn listed, and visit those organs, or research their construction.

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    • Pipeorganbuilder
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      Have not run across any of these horns in all my years of servicing theater pipe organs--there again, not may Robert Morton organs installed here in the south east. Since their factory was in Ca., I would check with organ builders on the west coast. Surely someone out there would know. Might even check Morton's patents to see if they were filed.


    • Ben Madison
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      I tried looking around online I can only find sparse construction details i came on here hoping someone who had the rank would respond in this forum.

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    Theater organ enthusiasts may be interested to know that there will be a free concert on the 4 manual Robert Morton organ at the Ohio Theater in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday, March 17 at 3 P.M. While a "muted horn" is not listed among the organ's 34 ranks, it does have a 16' Oboe Horn and an 8' English Horn.

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      The Encyclopedia of Organ stops has some information. Here is the link for Robert Morton Muted Horn


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        Greg Rister has an in-depth knowledge of Robert Morton theatre organs. You might try contacting him at: greg@risterpipeorgans.com to see if he can provide the details you desire.



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          Sorry I am 2 years late but I can't help but get involved in this discussion. I take care of a 3/18 Wurlitzer in the Upstate NY area that does indeed have a Muted Horn. We even have it at 16'. The 16' portion is in storage but the 8' is installed and playing. Our 16' Tibia is Wurlitzer. In contrast to the Wurlitzer counterpart, the Muted Horn is slightly smaller in scale. The rank is quite nice and I even prefer it to the Wurlitzer. I cannot speak to the history of the rank or how/where we got it from but If you would like more info I can do my best to help out. Also curious if anyone has the statistics for how many of these ranks were produced and where they ended up.