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  • Snare drum rolls

    There are Effects for Bass Drum Rolls and Cymbal Rolls, but I haven’t seen a Snare Drun Roll piston, tab, or button in photo layouts of Theatre Pipe Organs or VPO’s. Am I missing something here when it comes to snare drum rolls? The only way I have been able to achieve them is as a trill, but I have heard them on recordings and trilling rolls isn’t very practical.

    I am looking for some background history or information on this topic.

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    I have one on my Allen, but it sounds more like a machine gun.
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      With a real snare drum, rolls sound fine. However, if you simply replay a snare hit repeatedly to create a roll, it will indeed sound just like a machine gun as the sound is identical every time and the decay of the sound will have to be artificially truncated for each hit. The answer is to sample a real snare roll. Of course then the sample has to be looped for playback and getting the loop point right so there's no glitch is not easy. But it is do-able. Then, of course, whether it's a real roll or a sampled one, someone will say that the roll is too slow, too fast or uneven etc! You can't win!

      I can't recall seeing a snare roll on a theatre organ but there again it's not something that I would have immediately looked for when I was playing them more regularly! In orchestral playing, which is what I concentrate on now, I do need a snare roll and I have both snare hits and rolls on the Roland.
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      There's an older Wurlitzer electronic theatre-style organ on CL that has a Snare Roll tab for the pedal section.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Wurlitzer-in-Spooner.jpg
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	Wurlitzer-snare-drum-roll-tab.jpg
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        Originally posted by Max the Icie Owner View Post
        There's an older Wurlitzer electronic theatre-style organ....
        That is an early 1970s Wurlitzer 4570, same as mine. The 4573 comsole with Orbit III synthesizer, and the spinet 4370 and 4373, the latter with Orbit III, had similar Multi-Matic Percussion tabs.

        The snare roll is rather convincing for an organ of this vintage. Making a single stroke of the snare in the pedal is almost impossible, however. You almost always get 2 to 4 strokes with even the quickest pedal press.

        In the section of percussion tabs up one manual from that shown in the second photograph, there is a single stroke snare on the lower manual. It produces a fairly convincing single stroke with each key press.

        This organ is also equipped with eleven Swingin' Rhythm preset rhythms.

        By the way, even though the voice stop tabs look quite like a classical ogan, the registrations can sound very much like a theater organ, especially when played though the four-chanel Leslie 212S that mates with it. Later years of this organ model have Skittles-candy-colored stop tabs that give it a toy-like appearance.
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          Pastel colored tabs are and who ever decided to add the banjo on these organs aught to asked what were they thinking.