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Rialto Theater in Joliet, IL

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  • Rialto Theater in Joliet, IL

    Since I'm a member of their group, I wanted to mention that the Rialto Square Theater in Joliet, IL (near the Chicago area) is having monthly socials again and a special concert this month. The theater looks like a palace inside, and it has a large 4-manual 27-rank Barton "golden voiced" theater pipe organ, that has a Peterson computerized relay. I used to play it frequently, mostly the music I've written, and I think the instrument makes the music sound very exotic. I'm mainly from the church/classical pipe organ world (I play the theater organ like a church organ), but most of my organ friends are associated with the theater organ. I had gone to the ATOS 2015 and 2016 conventions, I wanted to check out other ones like the OHS ones eventually.

    This is the group's site (called JATOE) with the concert/social schedule. They usually offer console time, so if you live in or near the Chicago area (or can easily travel to it) and would like to hear and play a real large theater pipe organ, check out their socials. They also usually offer refreshments afterwards during the console time. One time I gave a church organist a tour of the theater, and he got time to play some classical pieces on the organ. I've been mainly trying to get more people younger than myself interested in going, most of the people around my age and younger are either organ builders and tuners, or performers. A friend of mine maintains and tunes the instrument. There's also a sister group called CTOS that also has socials elsewhere. For photos and more information about the theater and it's organ, here's the ATOS page about it. I still need to make a good recording of my main music composition on that instrument, I had trouble before because I'm not as familiar with registering theater organs, it has to do with the way the ranks sound.
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