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Brilliant Accordionists and Performances

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    Brilliant Accordionists and Performances

    I have two accordions, and must qualify as the most unlikely person you would ever want to listen to, playing either of them.

    But, I have heard some talented, hard-working and highly accomplished accordionists, live, on DVD, and over the internet.

    Perhaps we can accumulate our experiences, and promote some of these accordionists among ourselves.

    Here is a link to Cathie Travers, who is one such outstanding but rarely acknowledged musician.


    Please take the time to listen to some of her superb playing.

    Please, also, provide links to Youtube or other sites where the work of these extremely good musicians can be found. Thanks.

    I am not now nor have I ever been an accordionist. However, I once played three county fair shows with Myron Floren. I don't know if you consider him brilliant, but he sure was a nice fellow and a true pro. His entire book arranged in show order, all charts neatly written, no dogeared or ripped pages like you usually get with traveling performers, and a very easy guy to work with, although the tempos were pretty demanding on some of those polkas and things like Tico-Tico. Floren had huge hands, and I couldn't figure out how he managed that small keyboard, but he certainly did. I was playing piano, and a couple of other local musicians were on bass and drums. Apart from that show, my only up-close and personal experience with the accordion was one time when I caught Art Van Damme in some jazz club in Boston. Him, I consider brilliant.

    Rick Dostie


      Hey, thanks for that rmdostie. I looked up Myron Floren, and found a mountain of stuff on him. Lawrence Welk's accordionist, no less.

      Here is one of his many YouTube pieces.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfIYUSXwz0U

      Yes, he had "admirable" hands.


        Gary Dahl is one brilliant accordionist, but, to my surprise, I cannot find any videos of him on You Tube. Does anyone one have a link to Gary Dahl data?


          Lovers of classical accordion should check out http://www.mazaika-music.com. Igor Outkine is brilliant.


            My only regular contact with accordion was years ago when I used to commute to work by train. At the end of the trip was a long walk through a tunnel, which was a popular place for buskers of all kinds and varying talent levels.

            The one busker who always got my attention (and dollars) played Puccini arias on accordion and he played them very well. I was always glad to see him there.

            So, on that theme:


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              Here`s my teacher from 60`s. Virtuoso from Finland.



                I listened!

                Where can i get this recording?