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Cant access the reed cells in the upper action. 61 key pump organ maker unknown

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    Cant access the reed cells in the upper action. 61 key pump organ maker unknown

    I'm a clock hack and this is my first organ project. This pump organ has a hand handwritten date of "Feb 3 - 03" on the keys but I can't interpret the word above the date. It may start with a "Y" or "G". and has about 7 letters. The number "89508" is stamped into the first key

    Looking under the mutes, I can see what I believe to be an old wasp nest in a few of the reed cells and other dirt and debris in the others. But for the life of me I cant figure out how to get to the reeds. I'm not able to post pictures as I am a new member, but everything is removed above and below the board containing the reed cells. I cant see any screws or any way to remove it, either from above or below. I'm afraid it could be glued down, but that would not make any sense to me. Any help you could provide me would be appreciated.

    Thanks a lot,
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    Hi, Jerry - Welcome to the forum. On my Kimball, pushing the right-hand knee control lifts the swell shutters. Then pulling a stop lifts the "mutes" that are right over the felts at the base of the reed beds. This makes the reds visible. I prop the shutter up with whatever's handy (like a Geritol bottle, for example).

    Interestingly, one of our knowledgeable forum members got me using "Zenith 777" watch cleaner in an ultrasound bath to clean the reeds (an octave at a time). If you're interested in wasting some time with a thread that meanders, please see my Kimball thread linked in my sig.

    I'm looking forward to your pictures.
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      Thanks sir. I just added the pictures. You know that I'm in GA too, just south of Atlanta. If I dont get any good answers on the board here would it be possible to chat with you about this.


        The strips of wood in the first and second pics, the things that the small brass hinges are attached to? Those are called the mutes. Open them up at the hinge, and you will be looking at the ends of the reeds in their cells like this.Click image for larger version

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        You will want a reed puller to withdraw them for cleaning or tuning.Click image for larger version

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          Thank you so much for this easy solution? I'll try to find one or at the least make me one.


            Alooha to another clockmaker! File the opposite sides of a wideheaded box nail and put it in a graver handle and there's your Reed puller! Some folks make them out of paint tin sized church keys..... those work well too.



              Hello and welcome to the pumper mob! Work slowly and ask much. The guys here are knowledgeable and friendly, as you have already experienced. Good luck and keep posting pictures of your organ.


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              Seems like there are quite a few clock nuts here too - perhaps we should start our own Forum...? I used to tinker with those too, still have lots of parts and tools but alas, the hobbies keep on piling up and so do the years..... Old age is a devil one cannot fight...

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                Originally posted by cjer View Post
                Thank you so much for this easy solution? I'll try to find one or at the least make me one.
                Go to your local paint store and get a paint can opener. Works perfectly as a reed puller. And they're usually free.

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